Doing business with us

We expect companies and individuals that work with us to share our values.

Suppliers may be required to participate in our pre-screening process, which requires companies and individuals to provide sufficient evidence to meet or exceed minimum standards of health, safety, the environment, human rights, quality management and financial capacity, as well as ethical and anti-corruption practices. If and as needed, we can work with prospective suppliers to help them achieve the required standards.

Upon successful award of a contract, suppliers may also be required to provide additional information for our contractor management system, if applicable, including but not limited to health and safety practices, insurance coverage, and company and personnel qualifications.

Health, safety and the environment

Health and safety is our number one priority and we expect the same commitment from our partners. We value suppliers who:


  • Have the ability to work closely and in partnership with local and Indigenous businesses and local communities
  • Manage and communicate product health and safety risks
  • Have a strong commitment to health and safety management and the elimination of workplace injuries and illness
  • Have processes in place to assure compliance with safety policies
  • Reduce our collective environmental footprint through their practices, products and services

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our expectations of suppliers and their subsidiaries and subcontractors with respect to key issues ranging from health and safety, compliance, human rights, environment and reporting. We may choose not to work with suppliers who do not meet our expectations. If you have questions regarding our Supplier Code of Conduct, or about our expectations of our suppliers and business partners, please email us.


QAL abides by a policy that sets out the expectations of obtaining best value for money, using an ethical and confidential approach.

If you become aware, or have reason to suspect, that misconduct or improper circumstances or behaviours connected to QAL are contemplated, occurring, or may have occurred, you are strongly encouraged to raise your concerns here



All engagements with QAL are via Purchase Order or Contract and are subject to the terms and conditions below.  Suppliers are reminded that they must be in receipt of a Purchase Order or Contract prior to any work commencement.

QAL operates a closed tender process for all engagements over a certain value and risk profile as determined by its commercial policies and procedures.  Tenders are led by QAL’s Sourcing team using a transparent, fair and equitable process.

For all other engagements, the site stakeholders will obtain quotations directly from QAL’s approved supplier list.

Access to Site

QAL operations safety induction

Once the online induction is completed, all people required to work on site need to attend the QAL operations safety induction.  This induction is held every Monday from 7:00am.

Bookings for the QAL operations safety induction can be made directly by the Company’s nominated Administrator on completion of the online induction or by contacting the QAL Contract Supervisor. Area inductions are held on-site by Field Training Officers.

QAL Operations Safety Induction & section walk arounds are held on-site by area experts. Please see the details for this induction below:

Classroom Theory Training: Bob Druitt Training Centre 7:00am - 11:00am
Section walk arounds:
Redside 12.30pm - 1.15pm
Whiteside 1.20pm - 2.05pm
Utilities 2.10pm - 2.55pm
Maintenance 3.00 pm - 3.20pm

The Site walk around runs on a tight schedule, please ensure that all contractors have the following when the attend the induction:

Full PPE including – Face shields, gloves, helmet, clear monogoggles (not tinted) and DAP.

Please note arrivals after the scheduled times will not be accepted into the training and will need to book into another time slot. Allow sufficient time for parking and finding the training location. 

Terms and Conditions of Contract (including Purchase Orders)

The following terms and conditions apply to QAL Purchase Orders:

Purchase Orders – Supply of Goods

Purchase Orders – Supply of Services

Should your Company be invited to tender on upcoming Works, a copy of QAL’s Contract Terms and Conditions will be supplied in the tender package.

Site Conditions

All site work must comply with the following policies and procedures at a minimum:

Register of Interest

Interested in letting QAL know about your business and being considered to become an approved supplier?

Please send us an introductory email along with your comprehensive capability statement so we can determine if there are any suitable opportunities.  Should there be no immediate opportunities, we will keep your details on file for future reference.


Contractor Status Update form

This form is for contracting companies/suppliers to notify us of any changes to their employees’ site access requirements. Follow this link.

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