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QAL’s greatest strength will always be the talent, skill and diversity of our people, working as one team to create the strongest QAL for future generations. We will focus our efforts on the work required to keep our business, sustainable, stable, profitable and innovative in an ever-changing Aluminium market.

At QAL, we provide a diverse and challenging environment offering great career opportunities. We are seeking talented, skilled and enthusiastic people to join our team and share our values and goals. New recruits will have the hunger and drive to learn new skills and gain lifelong experience as part of a successful organisation. You will be working alongside some of the best people in the industry, using cutting edge technologies.

There has never been a better time to join QAL.  Click below to see what opportunities are currently on offer.

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Applying for a job with QAL is a five step process

  • 1. Create your candidate profile
    Note this does not automatically apply for a job.  Once logged into your candidate profile you can also setup job alerts to notify you of upcoming jobs. 
  • 2. Search our current job openings and apply for the job you are interested in
    You will receive an email confirmation once your job application has been submitted.
  • 3. Interview Stage
    You will attend an onsite interview which can take up to 1 hour. Arrangements can be made for online interviews if necessary.
  • 4. Aptitude Testing
    Psychometric testing is completed online. Practice tests are available.
  • 5. Medical Assessment
    A Pre-Employment Medical (PEM) will be conducted on site by occupational health professionals.
    The PEM consists of, but is not restricted to, the following types of tests: review of health history; measure of height, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate; hearing test; lung function test; alcohol and drug test; physical tests such as strength, fitness, and lifting, and; review with site doctor.

    Please note that pre-employment medical is tailored to the role requirements.
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