Recognition programs

We believe in celebrating the achievements of our QAL team members.


Bravo! is about recognising our teammates achievements at QAL and within the community for a job well done.

Employees can be nominated in the following categories:

  • Transformation

    The individual or team have shown an unrelenting focus on continuously improving processes and practices at QAL ensuring that we go from strength to strength to secure the plants future and create value for generations to come

    Typically these continuous improvement initiatives generate long term cost savings and assist on our journey to becoming the undisputed best option for the processing of Australian Bauxite.  For example improvement in HSE, achievement of advances in production, processes, cost reduction and/or customer service to secure our future.   

  • Heart of Gladstone

    The individual or team has made a significant contribution that has generated economic, environmental or social benefit within Gladstone. 

    For example, the contribution will have benefited the community through volunteer work, or the contribution has had an economic benefit that has assisted QAL to operate in a safer and/or more sustainable manner. It may have also improved quality assisting in securing the future for our employees and Owners.

  • Safe, Stable & Sustainable

    The individual or team have displayed discretionary effort in relation to specific work/tasks/behaviours that assist in achieving one or multiple aspects including profitability, sustainability, stability and reliability within the ever-changing economic climate with zero harm to people or impact on the environment.

    This could be done through the display of subject expertise, eagerness to share knowledge or talent for rallying the team or exemplary leadership (through example, inspiration or both). 

How it works

  • Nomination
    Complete the online nomination form below to nominate an individual or team in a suitable category, summarising how the person or team has made a positive impact.
  • Recognition
    All nominations receive a Recognition of Nomination certificate and Bravo memento.
  • Half Yearly Celebration
    Twice a year a morning tea is held to acknowledge all those that have been nominated and announce an overall winner for each category.
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