Tertiary study support




Training and Education for Employees

At QAL we encourage our employees to undertake additional training to obtain formal qualifications that recognise their developing skills and knowledge.  QAL can financially support employees undertaking higher degrees, diplomas, certificates, licences, and post trade and vocational studies, as we believe that a highly skilled workforce is critical to achieving our goals of a safe, stable and sustainable operation.

Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme

In addition to support for our employees we also offer a Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme. This scheme supports dependents of employees who pursue further education after completing high school.  The scheme provides financial assistance to help offset accommodation and other costs incurred as students relocate in order to continue studying.

Vacation Placements

QAL offers employment to children of current employees who are engaged with university studies in their penultimate year for 10-12 weeks, from late November to early February. Our program aims to give students specific project work that contributes to plant operations, benefiting both QAL and each student’s career development. Our vacation students are employed in the same disciplines as our graduates. We begin advertising for our vacation program during July of each year. 

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