Peer supporters program

QAL’s Peer Support Program invites employees to become a volunteer Peer Supporter and support their colleagues through stressful times.

What support means to us

Peer supporters provide ‘support’ by lending a listening ear, encouraging personal accountability and positive coping strategies, providing information available on resources and encouraging the access of additional help via our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Peer supporters understand their workplace; they have respect and rapport with their colleagues and often have a greater appreciation for some of the stressors their colleagues are experiencing.

Equip our workforce to ask the right questions and offer non-judgemental support to each other.

Proactively detect and respond to emerging difficulties in colleagues.

Encourage early access to additional support services within and outside the business.

Continue to drive a positive wellbeing culture, where individuals are encouraged to take accountability for their wellbeing and seek additional help when required.

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